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We are a team of four, intrepid mums, who have decided to take on the challenge of the Jodi Lee Foundation SA Trek to improve our fitness and raise awareness and much needed funds for a very worthy cause of Bowel Cancer. Also, we are looking forward to a fabulous opportunity to spend some quality, memory making time together! Thank you for your support.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
David Warburton $50 Awesome work Carmel!
Tamara Hayden $50 Hope the walk went well - every little bit helps !!
1969 $20 Great work!
Natural Habitat Interiors and Design $50 THIS IS FROM MUM AND DAD - HOPE YOU DONT HAVE BLISTERS XX
Family Dinham $50 Nearly there!!! Well done B.B.’s
Hobsons bay osteopathy $50 And I would walk 500 miles... da da da da ... great cause.. good luck..
Darren McDougall $25
Heidi Fawcett $20 Yasss, go Dayle!
Candied Bakery $100 Toula loves you!!!
Natural Habitat Interiors and Design $25 Go Daylo .... you do know that you can actually walk the course using the same methods/props you have been using on the treadmill!!!! proud of you XX
Emma O'Reilly $50 Good luck Dayle! I think you are amazing for doing this. Go you!
Stef De Santo $25 Well Done Carmel!!
Kevin Lam $100
MOses $5 GO MUM!!! Love you
Candied Bakery $150 Great Stuff Dayle!!
Rinkoo Mittal $50 Go Barossa Barbies! So inspiring and what a great way to make a meaningful contribution to an important cause!
Quigley & Clarke Clunes $100 Good luck Dayle we know you will do a fantastic job and we are very proud of you. Run Dayle run. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get..... perhaps blisters!
Sue & Tom Cashman $50 So proud of you Sarah. You’ll do an amazing job. Mum & Dad xx
Fresh Select (Aust.) Pty Ltd $250 Happy to support this great cause, Well done Dale
Matthew Moses $200 Go!
Susie Oneill $50 Proud of you hun. Great cause xxxxx
Genevieve Frisby $50 Go Carmel, Dayle and Olivia!!! You guys are going to nail it. You got this!!!! Sending positive vibes from Melbs! Xxx
Kellie Hahn $25 You go Dayle- and what an inspiration you are! Xxx
Louise Kirkwood $100 Good luck with the walk Dayle. So proud of you, think of a foot massage at the end. Sending hugs Lou xxx
Casey & Brendan Hall $50 Good Luck! We'll be thinking of you xx
Irena Hollis $50 Good luck Sarah!! Will be thinking of you! Xxx
Lisa Smith $25 Good Luck Sarah - great cause xx
Dan Fabbian-Hall $50 Good luck Sarah!! Just remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Jess Reid $30 Luv your heart Sarah - may the rains hold off for you
Anne & John Hall $50 Good Luck x
Michaela Kenneally $25 Keep those legs moving
Kristen Smith $50 Good on you Dayle, good luck from The Smith’s xx
Cate Burns $50 Way to go Dayle! You've totally got this xx
Karen Perkins $25 Amazing work Carmel.
Marianne Darcy $50 Best of luck Carmel, a great charity to be supporting xx
Megan Crawford $25 Have a great time on the trek and thank you for raising money for this great cause. X
Anita Edwards $25 You go...and go, and go, and go girls!
Amiia Wilkinson $50 Go Carmel!!!
Sarah Massey $25 Well done Carmel! :)
Sarah Lowndes $20 Go Carmel!!
Scott Wlossak $50 Go Carmel! Great cause. Good luck!
Miriam Falloon $50 You go ladies! Such a good cause, best of luck!! x
National Australia Bank $50 Go Carmel - make sure you haev some fun along the way
Alice Haynes $100 Great cause Carmel! Best of luck with the trek and I hope you and your friends enjoy some nice SA vinos at the end of it! Xx
NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK $25 Go Carmel and Team! All the best !!
Ben Richards $25 Go team!!!
Gail Rushworth $50
david macdonald $50 enjoy the walk, good cause.
Petra Timboe $20 Very proud of you, Carmel!
Kirsten Roach $50 Well done, I didn't know there was a reason to go to the Barossa other than to drink wine. On a more serious note, I lost a dear friend (my age) to bowel cancer about 5 years ago. Donating this in her name. Miss you Christie Cameron.
NAB $50 Smash it Carmel, with your discipline I expect nothing less !!!
Deb Ramsey $30 Go Dayle and team! I’ll be thinking of you
Bevan Morris $25
Amy Frendo $30 Go Carms!! X
Fleur O'Keefe $200 Best of luck Carmel! We are so proud of you. Love Fleur, Paul and Amelia xxx
Kara Pomerenke $50 Good luck ladies, great cause, and you will definitely create some amazing memories!
Sally Gross $50 Great work Carmell xx
Jamie Cauchi $100 GO MUM!! From Samuel and Leo
John Duane $100 Good luck Carmy!
Dianne and Judah Moses $100
Oli's Soup Drive $1,500 Massive thanks to everyone who supported me by purchasing my meals and donating! Massive thanks to Marriot Meats for their very generous support!
Julie-Anne Douglas $50 Way to go ladies ... I'll be thinking about you as I'm relaxing with a good book and a glass of red waiting on your return!! xx
Exelsuper $100 Go Sarah!
LTD Property Solutions $50 You’re a good egg Slaps
Sarah Belleli-Taylor $25 Great job Sarah. You are doing this for a great cause.
Danielle Taylor $50 Good Luck love! Great thing you’re doing for a great cause!
Kimberly Jones $50 Well done Sarah!! A charity close to our hearts!! Good luck!! Love Kimberly & Ashlyn xx
The Goslings $50 Such a great experience for such a great cause xoxox
Anthony Zaknic $50 Good Luck - I'm sure it will be easier than the NY Marathon :-) The Zaknic's
Jessica Floreani $25 Go Cashy!!!! Luv the Flo’s xx
Louise Burns $25 Good on you for doing this challenge! I have often toyed with the idea of taking part as its for an amazing cause! Perhaps one day Ill sigm up!! But until that day i am more then happy to contribute in a small way. Well done.
Bayside bakery $100 Good luck and smash it out of the park.
Rose Morecroft $25 Good luck Sarah & enjoy the experience Glad I can help in a small way Rosey xx
Hollie Coleman $25 Well done Sars - and good luck! Pack plenty of bandaids xxx
Betta Blinds $100 Well done Sarah!!
Sheree Cashman $50 Great cause, we are all cheering you on Sars x
Tammy Harrington $25 Go Cashy!


Name Total
Olivia Hocking $1,500
Carmel Cauchi $1,470
Dayle Moses $1,345
Sarah Hall $1,105