Raised so far

Take the challenge to get out of our comfort zone and raise awareness about bowel cancer


Name Amount Message
Jim Mead $50 I wanted to make sure you made it Trigger!!......Well done fella
Sam Crawford $50 Donation for Sam from Trina Ross
Sam Crawford $50 Thankyou Trina Ross
Catherine Brown $50 Good luck!
Dave & Ange Malpas $100 You are the inspirational wind beneath our wings !!! Have fun xxx
Dom Sarah Walsh $100 Well done Andrew!
Kate Kain $50 Great job Ab!
Ben Beresford $1,000 Good Luck
Sarah Corbett $50
Vicki Mau $50 Happy trails!
JUDY & GREG SUTTON $50 Good Luck Laura, such a wonderful thing to do.
Naomi Eteuati $50
Paddy Eteuati $50 Good job Andrew!
Anonymous $25
Daniel Sollorz $25 Great work Ben
Michael Logan $25
Rachel Juett $25 Best of luck for tomorrow girls!! Very proud of you for doing this! Smash it!!! Love you both xxxxxxx
Stephen and Brigitte Lane $100 Great effort Andrew! Keep warm and dry, and keep my brother off the voltarens!
Paula & Colin Clark $25 Good luck to our beautiful granddaughters so proud of all you both have achieved love nan and pop xo
Paula & Colin Clark $25 Good luck to our beautiful granddaughters so proud of all you both have achieved love nan and pop xo
Julie Loader $20 Good luck on your trek Amy
The Lang Foundation $200 Well done Andrew ...Good luck leading the team !
The Lang Foundation $200 Good luck Sam
Morgan Stanley $10 Good luck girls! Love the CSA's :)
Morgan Stanley $10 Good Luck girls, love the CSA's
Ellie Sutton $50 You are doing an amazing thing Laura. We are so proud of you! Love Ellie and Craig xxx
Leanne Carney $20 Well done Laura. Good Luck xx
Julie Allum $25 good luck
Anonymous $20
andrew quin $100 great work andrew and good luck with the walk
sally TREGENZA $200 Go team Highlanders. I hope the walk goes well & not too many blisters cheers Sally
Tiffany Clarke $20 Go girl! Xx
Anonymous $25
Rebecca Warne $10
Anonymous $30 A very worthy cause. Good luck with the Trek, love the Liddy chicks Xxx
Anonymous $25 What an adventure it will be, you go girl! Xoxo
Sharee Brown $25 Good luck with your adventure ahead!! Such a wonderful cause and beautiful person you are!! You should be very proud
Chris Mass $25 Good luck!!!!!
Mark Raphael $50 Fly like an eagle Sammy - no doubt you will cover the full distance in the first day!
Phil & Robin Tregenza $200 Go Kym!...draw on that big heart at the 75km mark!
Suzanne Rahaley $100 Best of luck AB
David & Anna Davies $50 Good on you Andrew!
Janie Green $50 Good On You Sam xx
Judy Kay $50 Good luck brother, brother!
Anonymous $50 Best of luck Andrew, from your northern cousin (John, Di, Jac & Sam)
Anonymous $25 Go for it from Mandy and lester
Liz Gooden $100 Go you good thing A-Roo! Great cause. Backing you all the way xx
Ben Scales $100 Your’e a good fellow Andrew and I support you all the way. (I will also keep you’re old nickname that was disclosed to me when you were on the Board at Time for Kids... as long as I keep seeing you at Lionhearts!) good luck Sir.
David Liddle $50 Great work AB
Stella Green $25 Go cuzzie
Kerry Molloy $25 Well Done Andrew x
bcd black & co $50 Good on you!
Lee Consulting and Coaching $50 Great work AB, proud of you putting yourself out there!! Johnny
CSIRO $20 80Km is that on one day
David Juett $25 Best of luck on your trail. Proud of you. Love Julie and David xo
David Juett $75 Proud to support you in this epic quest for a good cause. Good luck and happy trails. Love Mum and Dad xo
Tracy Clarke $25 Good luck Laura proud of you xxx
Tracy Clarke $50 Good luck. You are doing an amazing thing. Proud of you. Xxx
Margot Aufderheide $20 Goid Luck Amy xx
Mrs $100 GOOD LUCK BRO ......you'll romp it in !
The Lang Foundation $500 Good Luck Ben !
Kevin Harkness $50 good luck trigger
The Lang Foundation $500 Good Luck Trigger
The lang Foundation $500 Well done Charlie. A fabulous experience for a great cause!
Katie Sarah $100
Morgan Bradley $50 You are so brave for taking on this incredible challenge. You have our respect and gratitude for what you are doing to raise money and awareness for this cause. Thank you. Morgan & Roan xxx
Lisa Richardson $25 Amazing Charlie! Good luck with the hike X
graham baird $50
Brittany Norris $75
Jake Leonard $120 Good work Maha
Rachael Juett $50 My grandmother and Uncle both suffered from this horrible cancer. Something that is very close to my heart. Thank you for rasising money for such an incredible cause. You's will do amazing xx
Emily Ryan $40 You guys are doing an amazing thing! <3
Amanda Garmston $60 So proud of you all, enjoy the wine party at the end!! xx
Cassandra Macolino $100 GOOD LUCK! I lost my grandmother way too young to this disease xx
Tom Hicks $100
Natasha Phillips $20 All the best! Hope all goes well and you enjoy it! Good luck!
LabRepair Pty Ltd $100 Such a great worthwhile cause. Bowel Cancer is a condition close to home for many of us... Good luck with the run/walk !
David Robinson $100 Good luck Highlanders!
Stacey Faraguna $50 Well done team, wish I could join you! Good luck :o) xo
John Piper $100 Good luck people. Remember to wear two pairs of socks and waterproof shoes.


Name Total
Charles Beresford $1,775
Andrew Bradley $1,400
Laura Juett $560
Ben Sullivan $550