Raised so far

This team began in 2016. We have some returning members and some new ones. The event is a great opportunity to spend time with friends whilst raising awareness for Bowel Cancer.


Name Amount Message
WD Wines Pty Ltd $100
WD Wines Pty Ltd $880
Sally Hinora $20
Karen Richardson $50 xoxoxoxo
MCGc $25 Glad you made it. I was only paying up if you crossed the line! lol We need to start golf in September or nice winter days ?
Emma Gosbell $20 Good luck Kim! You'll smash it, you have worked so hard xx
Belinda Fernandez $20 Good luck Claire!
Melissa Jones $50 Go Kim! Good luck ! Love the Jonesys
Brenda Karger $25 Go Kim! I love that you are doing this. I want to do it too!! Xx enjoy. Love Adam and Brenda.
Lynda Speedy $35 Amazing couple of days ahead! Very proud of your determination Kim
Jill Moss $20 You go girl!!! Love you x
Sadie Wood $50 WALK IT BABY!
Katina Traiforos $20 Good luck Kim, what an amazing thing you are doing xxx
Kate Schultz $15
Madeleine Baillie $40 Go Kim and team! X
Anonymous $50 Kim, So proud of you, all the training and effort you've put into making a difference for this cause. Go for it, you can do this! Love Cat and Pete
Karmabunny Web Design $50 Go Kim and team! Smash it! Blisters or you didn't walk far enough;-) Xxx
Sarah Ward $25 Good luck Claire, what a great thing you are doing!
Tracy Robb $25 Good luck Han
Anonymous $25 Absolute legend!
Christine Deegan $25 Amazing!! Wishing you all a safe journey. Christine
Emma Christie $100 Good luck Emma and the team!
darryl wood $25 well done Kate
Kathryn Presser $150 Go Emma - you are a legend! Kath, Sean, Jemima and Lilli!!
hayley dubay $25 Go Harry you good thing
Mrs $50
Hannah Dendy $25 Good luck Harry!!
Louise Markou $25 You are amazing... congratulations Claire xxx
Sia Cosma $50 Well done Claire!
Kristy Lamerton $25 Run for bums!
Bianca Horwitz $50
Cheri Boxoen $100
Sarah Cattell $100 Can’t you run to San Francisco?
Stan Sim $100 Good luck Elaine !
Otto von Bismarck Hill $30 Great work training Kimbo. You’re all over this xo
Rachel McCall $25 Go Claire! You're amazing!!
Bodyfitness Wellness Spa $50 Go Claire, you will smash it! X
Peter Jones $200 Train well and good luck
Anna Jackson $50 Nice work, Ally and Hannah! Enjoy the Trek and well done on supporting Bowel Cancer research. Anna xo
Kim Jackson $373 To all the amazing people who purchased a glass or two of delicious Shirvington wine at the movie night - THANK YOU!!!
Anonymous $615 Enormous Thanks to everyone for your support at our Movie Night through ticket sales and raffle donations. What an enormous contribution.
RossAli Smith $50 Go Han!!!!
Bernie Bowler $100 Good onya Hann, great work...best of luck! Godfather.
Nathan Childs $50 Good luck Hannah - a good cause!
Louise Bowler $50
Stefanie Holst $10
Bald Corrin $25 All the best Claire!!
Natalie Packer $50 Good luck Kim & team!
Heidi Cornes $25 Best of Luck Claire & team! A worthy cause & so inspiring to watch you achieve this goal... keep those legs warm xx
Josh Henderson $40 Good luck Claire and Co. very worthy cause, appreciate all you are doing. Cheers, Josh & Rachel Henderson
John Pakos $100 Keep running girl!
Rebecca Sutcliffe $50 Good luck my lovely
Anonymous $50 From Majo Joseph
Kim Jackson $392 Thanks SO MUCH to all the wonderful people who bought raffle tickets to support this wonderful foundation - I really appreciate it xxx
Tessa Bautovich $25
Livi and Mimi Bridgman $50 Go Mum !
Anonymous $1,751
Alison Clarke $100
Angela Cliff $50 Just keep walking
Brett Elliott $25 Good luck Claire and team!
Anonymous $365 Great effort Claire & team!
Anonymous $238 Great work
Simone Dafoe $25 Good luck!
Anonymous $165
Mathew Robb $25 You go girl
Hains & Co $50 Hains & Co & Health Partners sponsored. You must be someone.
Sam Waltham $25 Go Han
Michelle Stead $50
Consuelo Moreno $100 Thanks Ali, it means so much,xxx
Reoni Amos-Winfield $25 Good luck Hannah! X
Stuart Robb $25
Jane Ford $100
Daniella Frullani $20 Good luck Claire! You're doing a wonderful thing. xx
Rebecca McCallum $25 Go Claire!
Abby Shore $25 Amazing effort Claire you will smash it. Cheers Abs xx
Satish Mehendale $100 Dear Manjiri, Good luck for you and your team for the walk. Love, Mum and Dad
Catherine Braithwaite $25 Good Luck Claire
Stacey Dutton $25 You got this
Rita Markou $50 Well done Claire! xx
Petrina Wong $25 Good on you buddy. All the best to you and the team on the walk x
Maria Zervas $25 Good Luck to you and your team Claire. Very proud of you xx
Alice Archibald $25 Good luck team!!!!
Sole Service $20 Good Luck Han. Xx Courts and Plank
Pauline Zervas $20 Sorry I can’t make it to movie night but good luck!! You’ll do amazing x
Kate Southcott $25 Good luck! X
Carolyn Stahl $25 Go for it Manjiri, good on you x
Sue Johnson $20 Sorry I can’t make the movie. Good luck! X
Sharynn Henry $20 Go Claire! Spectacular effort!!
Sascha Hennig $50 Go Manj! You’re amazing
Lesley Little $25
Monica Hall $100 With you in spirit. Xx
Anonymous $50 Good on you Claire. Proud of you!
Cameron Bridgman $100 Great work ladies
Marieka Mysko $20 Good luck Claire! Very impressive :) x
Tina Close $25 Good luck team EFM Cumberland Park. What a wonderful cause xo
Susan Wardill $50 Sending lots of love and encouragement to your team Ally.xxx
Glen Brooks $20 All the best on your 80km Trek Alison.


Name Total
Elaine Leung $2,226
Kim Jackson $1,140
Claire Markou $1,095
Alison Wood $835
Hannah Johnston $758