Raised of $500 Goal

My dear friend Mardia inspired me to join her and take part in the JLF Trek after her Mum's diagnosis of bowel cancer. I would love to support her in raising awareness and the importance of physical activity, health and well being by participating in this challenge.
Please donate what you can to support the local SA foundation and to spread the word about prevention and early detection of bowel cancer.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Bob Ford $200
Callum Tonkin $25 Have a good walk
Western Abalone Processors Pty Ltd $100 Go You
Michael Cheesman $50 Great work, girls. A walk in the park for you both!
Julianna Horgan $50 Go mate
Su Anne Hopping $50 Go girls! xx
Annie Williams $50 Great cause xxx
Seafood Mezze $50 great cause great work. Enjoy xox
Kate Hood $50 Go Trisha !
Mandy Drummond $50 Good luck Miss Trish and have a great time x
Amanda Kelsh $50 Good luck Trish & Mard’s enjoy it & have fun xx
Matt Stobart $25 Good luck Trish! Have fun.
Mel McEvoy $25 Happy Trekking xx
Trevor Garnaut $100 Have a good Trek..
Wayrob Pty Ltd $50
Abbagrabba $100 Well done Trish. Good on you. Good luck. Cheers. Lyn C
Rebecca Kolpondinos $50 Good luck
Mrs $50 Good luck! Great effort x
Peter and Cathy Myers $100 Have a good walk.
Deb Myers $50 Good on youse TL and Mards!!!!!!!!
Marli Kelsh $7 Good job
Amy Kayser $25
Midge Guidera $50 Great stuff Trish!
Anonymous $10
ruby Kelsh $25 Go mom xox