Raised of $500 Goal

Having a good friend who has recently lost their husband to bowel cancer, this cause is close to home and the importance of early detection and treatment to provide the best possible outcome cannot be overstated.


From Amount Message
ARTC $25
Phillip Campbell $50 This is important research and worthy of support.
ARTC $50 Happy Feet................!!
JIm Mitkas $50
Liz Haby $150 Keep on going, keep on going! You got this!!
John Hall $50 Awesome job, love your dedication x o
Ngaire Walkinshaw $100 You and El have put in a fantastic effort, thankyou.
Anonymous $25
Loreto O'connor $20
Megan Leydon $50 Terrific cause Kylie, good luck!
Anonymous $50 So proud of you Kylie - you are an inspiration! xxx
Amanda Symons $50
Luisa Mignone $50 Wishing you strength, love and support on this amazing journey you are about to take
Jim Birch Management Consultancy Pty Ltd $100 Well done Kylie - Great cause
Tania Bell $100
Sue Giacobbe $25 Wishing you all the mental and physical strength you need...I know you can do it!
Catherine Palumbo $50 Hope your boots are made for walking! Good luck Kylie! xx
Anonymous $50 Well done Kylie - it's a great cause
Anonymous $20 Proud of you.
ARTC $10 Well done Kylie. I hope you raise lots of money for a good cause.
Anonymous $50 Well done Kylie, an important cause.
ARTC $25
ARTC $25 A great cause. Good luck Kylie x
Sandra Wilson-Ryke $25
ARTC $15 Wonderful cause to support. Good luck with the trek.
ARTC Ltd $100 Good Luck - watch out for blisters and legless lizards!
ARTC $50 Fantastic Effort Kylie!
1971 $100