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My name is Jaimie, I suffer from severe depression and have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have an overwhelming desire to be active, specifically related to Walking as I have been on medication for many years and was feeling numbed to life, so I decided one day that I would go of medication and take up walking as my medication. Being 53 years old married and having four young children all with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, my desire is to be around for all of them as long as possible so I have really focused on my mental health, fitness and general wellbeing. I still have bad days where I don't want to get out of bed, however having four school age children, not to get up is not an option. I have personally had an Aunt pass away from Bowel Cancer, and appreciate the devastating effect this terrible disease has on all involved. Please if you are reading my profile make a donation as this will go along way to helping Raise Awareness of Bowel Cancer Screening.

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Bodycentric $200 You're an inspiration Jaimie, walking for this worthy cause. All the best for your great adventure! :)
Michael Jackson $25