Raised of $500 Goal

I'm doing this with a group of great girls in support of a great friend.


From Amount Message
Honnie Beck $25 So impressed with all your efforts. A wonderful cause.
Bianca De Luca $100 You’ve got this!! So proud
Louise Bell $50
The Conscience Organisation $1,000
Trudie Edwards $25 Go girl! Bonnie Tyler is on your side xxx
Kym Barwick $50 Hey dids, go kick some ass xx love you heaps xxx
Anonymous $100
Liza & Rod Nash $500 Great cause & happy Treking
Bron And Greg $100 Keep on walking xx
Felicity Simpson $100 Love you xx
Ben Scull $100
Danielle Dent $300 Such a wonderful thing you are doing.
Grace Harding $20 Go Dhairne!! You've got this xo
Jon & Kym Fernandes $50 Wishing you all the best love Kym & Jon xxoo
Hugh Marshall $25 I’m only paying this so I don’t have to give you a foot massage. Xx
Deanna Chapman $50 We are proud of you!!
Ella Marshall $25 Go mum!!! Xx