Raised of $500 Goal

I am walking for my brother Bronte who was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel and liver cancer in July 2017. Hopefully the fundraising we do will help others now and in the future. I also walk for dear friends who have passed away from this dreadful disease. We are hoping that friends, family and colleagues will get behind this worthwhile cause and help us raise much needed funds in the fight against bowel cancer.


From Amount Message
Corinna Ling $25 From another fellow hiker to another, wow this is huge! Great work for giving this big hike a go! Enjoy, thinking of you....
Anonymous $25 you are one great gal, full of guts and determination, you are an inspiration
Anonymous $50 Hi mum!
Susan Wells $100 What an inspiration ... I know you will succeed for all the families that have been affected by the bowel cancer curse. Thank you
Anonymous $40 good luck you are doing an amazing job
Anonymous $10 wishing you all the best.
Julie O'Dea $25 Hope the walk goes well Chellie and you're turbo charger kicks in when needed!
Bernie Victory $50 Great challenge Chellie
Department for Child Protection $25 Enjoy the hike and I want to hear all about it. Well done!!!!!
Kirsty Lawrence $50 Good luck... you are very brave for taking on this challenge! :-)
Karen McAuley $25 good on you Chellie, regards K
Martin Walton $50 As some of my Family have been impacted by Lynch syndrome, I do feel that this is a particularly worthy cause. Very good luck with the Trek!
Jenny Knight $50 Inspirational Chellie, good luck
Sue Barr $40 From one fellow hiker to another... it's just one foot in front of the other... enjoy every step... x
Samantha Wood $50 Good luck Chellie! You will do the 80kms and feel a real sense of accomplishment. You can do anything with the right motivation. I'll be thinking of you.
Janet Robson $50 Good luck Chellie xxx ♣️ Janet
Ali Roush $25 Good luck- and remember it's just one foot in front of the other ;)
Kath Butler $50 Good luck Chellie. A tough physical challenge for a great cause and you will do it well. Hugs.
Bronte Hosking $30 I am proud of you Chellie and I am walking beside you (Deb)
Bronte Hosking $150 Good luck Chellie I am with you all the way
Anne Frodsham $50 Inspirational Chellie. Best wishes,
Darcy Bryson $100 Hi Grandma. I just wanted to say I'm very proud of you taking this trek. Lots of cuddles when you get back. Love Darcy
Cathy Perry $50 What an amazing reason to trek. Absolutely support you. Al the best with your training.
Felicity Gates $100 You are my inspiration dear cousin! Love Flic x
Wendy Cole $20 Your going to do sn amazing job
Anonymous $100 Shades of the Bibbulmun and the Kokoda! Team Hosking this time!