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Together with family and friends my son Jamie Bell and daughter in law Catherine Ross are on a journey to find a cure for bowel cancer.
Catherine was diagnosed at 28 with bowel cancer, she was operated on and the cancer is now secondary moving to her lungs, liver and spleen. She has recently been on a clinical trial which was unfortunately unsuccessful. The doctors have told her that the chemotherapy and the immunology drugs she is on will not cure her cancer but it is hoped that they will keep it under control, from growing and spreading further at this stage. She has had three lots of chemo and she is approaching 32 years of age. As a family and with dedicated fantastic friends we feel fundraising for research is something proactive and positive we can do for Catherine and I am behind her more than you could imagine. We feel that fundraising is a way to help maintain a positive mindset.
So with the opportunity to walk in the Jodi Lee Foundation Walk in May this year we are looking forward to raising awareness and money towards bowel cancer research that will go towards helping people like Catherine.


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