Raised so far

Team stepping for JLF


Name Amount Message
Paul hansen $150
AT Session Audio $100 Andy Franzi Carla and Charlie....and the chenz
Acciona Geotech Group Services Pty Ltd $500 Does the 300k represent your all-ups around Incentivise and Zaaki?
Pauline Troon $500 Very proud of you.
Anonymous $25
Louise Hammer $50
MiChelle Troon $50
Ryan Nugent $40 I don’t see you do to many steps very often so well done ????
Anonymous $50 I remember when Al Bundy looked old and Kelly Bundy was spot-on (no one would have thought of counting steps back then.......)
Anonymous $250 You are wind beneath my wings Adsy xxx
Audrey Efendie $50
Garrin Bailey $100 Great work team, keep on steppin’ on!
Natalie Calvert $50 Well done Drummy :) go smash it
LeeRoy Ingram $100 A worthy cause. Great job Team!
Adam McMahon $100 One beer for each 1k and I’ll double!
Richard Drummond $100 Go Team!!????????
Richard Drummond $100 Go Team!!????????
Yin Kuang $100
Jenny Mulligan $100 Well done team for stepping up to the challenge… unlike me! Good luck with your steps, this is such a great cause.
thanuja jayan $40


Name Total
Adam McMahon $1,040
Richard Drummond $150
Yin Kuang $100