Raised of $250 Goal

I’m taking part in the JLF 300K step challenge to raise awareness about preventing bowel cancer. Diagnosed around this time last year, after surgery, chemo and radiotherapy I am very lucky to say that I have had clear results so far. I want to get the message out there about early detection and reading your body. I hadn’t been feeling great and was bloated and tired all the time. Everything happened so quickly but I feel grateful for the support of my Doctors, family and friends. If you can, please donate, join my team and walk with me to help support the Jodi Lee Foundation.
Did you know that almost 99% of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully if detected early.


From Amount Message
Phillip & Lynette Christian $50 Sending our support and thinking of you.
Judy Heenan $40 Love you Sam
Samantha Poole $25