About the Event

Shane Parry is a music teacher and an incredibly talented musician at Jubilee Primary School on the Gold Coast! He also plays music with Busters Duelling Pianos and an INEXCESS tribute band.

Shane has been growing his hair for a couple of years and since the school lost one of their lovely school mums last year to bowel cancer, Shane is 'shaving his golden locks' as a tribute to Annie and to raise funds to help prevent bowel cancer.


Raised so far


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Daniel Mendes $5
Phillip McGreevy $50 On ya mate
Helen Sheather $10 Well done Paz x
Miriam Hair $30 Well Done Shane
Jubilee Primary School $50 A gift from all of Year 3!!
contour furniture $25 From Max and Penny Manson
Dannielle Peat $30 YOU ROCK MR PARRY!! From Taliah and Jake Peat.
Bec Muir-McCarey $10 Because you have to reach $1000. xo
Chunguk Park $20 Very proud of sacrifice for others. Fabulous Mrs Parry.
Chunguk Park $20 Very proud of sacrifice for others. Fabulous Mrs Parry.
Lisa Ward $20 Good on ya Paz! Xo
Ali Mott $20 You're a legend Mr Parry! Thanks from Olive and Sadie Mott
MSD $10 Should have been shaved off years ago Paz! Now doing it for a good cause- Well Done! Webby
Brett Shepheard $20 Well done Mr Parry - from Emma & Noah
Construct 1 $30 You rock Mr Parry! Antoinette's light will always shine bright because of people like you. Top effort! Kiara, Sheridan and Campbell Nowland.
Mark Parry $25 By shaving off those locks will you lose your super powers? Either way it's is a quick way to drop two kg of weight... well done
Chris Parry $20 Proud of you
Lee Meiklejohn $30 Well done Shane! From Team Meiklejohn.
Tracey Chase $20 Good on you Shane!! X
Sharon Russell $100 Well done Dhane.... Going to miss those gorgeous curls flying around during your duelling shows
Zoe Parry $50 Yay Dad!!! We are proud of you !!
Dave & Lyn Neven $20 Well done Shane
Andrew Parry $50 Well done Shane, proud of you bro.
Debra Hague $25 Go Paz go!! xx
Jubilee Primary School $20 Go Pazzzaaaaa! This is brilliant!
Suzanne Lynch $20 Good on you Mr Parry! From Erin and Sean Lynch
Sarah Donaldson $20
Marsha Bekavac $20 Good on you! From Jordan, Emilija and Marcus Bekavac!
Mary Lemusu $15 Awesome Mr Parry! From Anika and Sheldon Lemusu
Noah and Emmie Philips $15 Fantastic Effort Mr Parry ~ always in our hearts Annie xo
Tina Vingas $20
Brendan Conroy $50 Get a haircut and get a job
Michael Pollard $25
Lynette Musch $15 Well done Shane. I think I've forgotten how you look with short hair. xxx
Maya Thies $20 Cheers from Annabelle and Finn
Elizabeth Cornford $50 Your an amazing person Shane well done.
Bec & Steve Muir-McCarey $30 Your an inspiration.
David Truskinger $30 Such a wonderful cause! Great effort Shane, you're amazing! David and Theresa Truskinger and family xx
Stella Bella $20 Good on you Shane !!!
Michael and Tanya Hynes $50 Does this mean we have to stop referring to you as "the Hoff"?
Tommy Hynes $20 Nice work Shane!
Christine Burke $20 Wishing you all the best Shane for this great cause. :-)
Helen & Paul Parry $50 Well done Shane. Great cause.