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Our National Advisory Board member Rey Makkar, become involved with the Jodi Lee Foundation through The JLF Workplace Program, but it wasn’t until his sister Dahlia, at the ripe age of 27 discovered she had bowel cancer.

Dahlia (a JLF Youth Ambassador) noticed she was passing blood in her stool, until one day she noticed her stool had become pure blood she immediately went to seek medical help. The doctor ultimately saved her life, recommending she have a colonoscopy straightaway. It was then that Dahlia found out she had bowel cancer.
Dahlia's journey gave Rey an intimate understanding of how important prevention is, and the value of being conscious of our body and lifestyle being too undervalued in today’s society. 

"I am a keen (but certainly amateur) runner and want to be able to align my business, athletic interests and personal history to advance increased awareness on the important goals and mission of JLF - raise awareness for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer". 

Donate to Rey today and help support his efforts for raising awareness for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer. 





Raised of $5,000 Goal


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
PT Core Pty Ltd $120
Gareth Jones $25 Congratulations Rey on completing the marathon
Aaron & Hayley Burt $50 Great effort Razor! Surely the Agung fund next year?
Angela Annese $25 Well done Reymon!!!
Aspasia Beshay $20 Great cause,Amazing inspiration.
Natasha Kuchta $100 Great work mate! Luke & Tash
Ray White Glenelg $120 Proud of you mate. Well done
Chris Cramond $100 HELLO! Great work mate, see you on the other side. All the best.
Remy Rey Lescure $40
Anonymous $20 All the Best Rey. Trish from Caesarstone here - have been blessed to meet with Dahlia on a couple of occasions and the second time was only last week when Dahlia was a part of our Women's Health & Wellness Event at our Showroom here in Hindmarsh :)
John Dani $40 Great stuff Rey for supporting a great cause!
Pat Needham $100 Best of luck Rey, great cause !
Angelina Ranaldo $25 Congratulations Dahlia for beating bowel cancer and for raising so much awareness of the disease. You are a star! All the best for the run Rey! What a wonderful brother you are... xxx
James Canale $25
Jack and Grace Matkovic $150 Great cause Rey - all the best!
Manivannan Moorthy $50 All the best Rey !
Ljubica Kierno $120 Enjoy the run
Stephen Godfrey $100 Run Rey, Run!
Anonymous $50 Great job Raymond,go all the way !!!
Rachael Farror $15
Leah Bellifemini $25 Run Rey Rey, Run!! ????‍♂️ ???? ????
Anonymous $120 Good luck champion!
Matthew Cole $42
Rhys Bagnell $50 Great work mate! All the best for Sunday ????????
Alicia Irvine $40 Good luck Rey!
Michael Khoury $40 Best of luck Rey!
Caesarstone $50 Well done Rey, from SA !
Katie McMaster $25 Well done and good luck on Sunday!!
Daniella Makkar $100
Kristy Rebbeck $25 Go Rey!!
Sandy Nguyen $40 Hey Rey, Thanks for being an advocate in this movement and it definitely has brought more awareness to the youths. I had a colonoscopy 6 years ago at the age of 25 after 3 months of continuously passing blood and luckily it was early detection for me. Regardless, it was scary to be the only young girl in the room surrounded by lots of senior male waiting for surgery with no idea what was happening at the time. The information I learned from the Jodi Lee Foundation presentation has helped me be more aware of the screening test and also resources available to everyone for early detection and prevention. Thanks again for your contribution to humanity and creating good values within the society. Enjoy the run and have fun!
Molly Broun $25 Wishing you all the best for marathon on Sunday Rey!
kulbeer singh $40 All the best mate!
Calculated Surveys $100 Go uncle Rey From Ivy and Banksia
Kathryn and Mark Hazelwood $40 You can do it!
Francie Bellifemini $10 All the best Reymon xx
Craig Jamieson $50
Kristen Thomas $30
Rob Vitnell $50 Well done mate. Great cause. Run hard & good luck.
PMR FINANCIAL $100 Well done Rey. Great Cause. Very proud of you champ!
Anonymous $100 Good luck!
Craig Grogan $100 Rey run, run! A great cause, thanks for bringing the importance of early detection back to front of mind.
Alex Ulrich $500 Keep fighting the good fight.
Rosa & Lui Paparella $20
Rosa & Lui Paparella $20
Gina & Mark Cowley $40 Go Cuz! Luv ya!
Luxe Private Wealth $50 Walk in the park for you Rey. Let's hit some burgers at Royal Stacks when you are done !!!
Will and Fadia Quigley $100 Outstanding work buddy! X
Laurice & Russ Thomas $40 What an awesome thing to do. All the best with the run!
Chantelle Naguib $40 Awesome job Rey
Anonymous $10 Great work Rey!
David Meffert $40 Good luck Rey, hope you enjoy the light log and great work on the fantastic cause.
Tracey Ellis $25 All the best for your run in Canberra. Fantastic effort
Giovina Cicchitti $20 Great work Reymon. Wishing you all the best with the run.
Bonnie Robotham $25 Amazing work Rey!
Mark Heffernan $50 Well done Rey!!
Anonymous $40 As another young woman at the start of an unexpected cancer journey, it's so empowering to see someone come out the other side with such positivity. Thanks for sharing your story Dahlia and best of luck for the run Rey!
John Montecastro $25 All the best mate!
Jeremy Chen $25 Well done mate
M & M Bell $100
Prash Aravinthan $69 Great job here mate - all the best for the run. Much Love.
Jeremy Prowse $50 Congrats on a huge effort Rey and for raising money for such a wonderful cause!
Tegan Quirk $40 Superstar!
Rosemary Monahan $25 From the Monahan family
Anonymous $50
Sam Dar $25 Love your work Rey!!! ????????
Daniel Swallow $40 All the best champo!! You’ll kill it ????
Robert Collins $40 Good on Ye - we believe in you.
Errol Lee $50 Good luck champ! Love Marina and Errol
Vien Luong $100 Good on you Rey. Hope you hit that PB!
Creativemass $25 Run for the lives of others Rey ????????
Anonymous $50
Creativemass $50 With as much love and respect as I can provide, thankyou for bringing awareness of this disease to so many, and I hope we can spend some time talking about it through work. Much Love, Hammer and Jack
Antonia Makkar $100 Simply the best xx
Lisa McMahon $30 Go Rey ????????
Rita Connell $30 Well done on raising awareness Rey. Best of luck for the run. Rita and Steve xx
David Monahan-Newton $50
Cathy Murphy $25 So great that you are able to do this for JLF and that Dahlia has reached an important milestone. Good luck with your fundraising and the run!
Kate Gillings $20 Well done-such an important message you’re sharing!
Liana Bellifemini $50 Go Rey! Love Lee & Dave xx
Bill Dawson $100 Yyewwww Get it Rey!
Australian Racing Tours $25
Alyson Rosser $50
Adel Naguib $500
Emil Andrawos $50 Go Reymon
Bridgestone Tyers $300 Proud of you my godson
Sherymaria Makkar Bacon $100 Love you cousin
Sonia and Adel Makkar $300 Good luck son
Reymon Makkar $300
Shaun & Hayley Jennings $20
Vincent LoBasso $25
Hailey Dipilato $50