Raised so far

My good mate Sam Butcher talked me into tackling 3 Peaks and given my limited understanding of the event I agreed!
Not long after, Sam raised the option of riding under The Jodi Lee Foundation banner. Once again, I agreed straight away and a little later became aware of the wonderful work the Foundation does.
As part of joining the group, we were asked to do a screening test. I hadn’t found the time to do so but Sam had told me he had done one and received a positive test, had a colonoscopy and was told that if he had not taken the test the things would have turned out very bad.
I soon found the time and took the test which was also found to be positive!

I quickly scheduled a colonoscopy and had a 1-2 cm polyp removed. The surgeon told me that I was very lucky as it would have turned cancerous within a few years.
I’m 46 years young and I can’t thank Sam, Nick and the crew at The Jodi Lee Foundation enough. Such a simple test, such a compelling outcome!
Sam had also asked Bill Wallace to ride 3 Peaks - it's incredible to think that out of the three of us, both Sam and I tested positive, dodged a bullet so to speak and will be forever grateful to the Foundation for saving our lives.
As a result of my experience, I have set a small but achievable target of getting ten of my friends to take the test, then hopefully they can get ten of their friends to do the same and on it may go!
I’m looking forward to the ride with both excitement and trepidation. Having said that, this experience will give me the motivation to push on beyond WTF corner.
Thanks Nick, I’m looking forward to sharing an ale or two at the finish line.


From Amount Message
Tony Donaldson $100 Well Done Dan. See you soon
Jacqueline Palmer $50 Congratulations on a great result, well done supporting the Foundation. From the Palmer family.
Leon Magree $40
Lysander Consulting $100 Inspirational!!! Thanks to all the team at JLF, without Dan completing the test as part of the ride, things may have turned out very tough for our family. Thank you Kerrie
Gordon Brockway $50 Rather you than me. Great cause though.
InSynch Consultancy Group $100 Well done Dan amazing effort!!!! We will be thinking of you...Kaz & Tony xo