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As with most, my family too has had to overcome the loss of a loved one from cancer.
It is a privilege to have the opportunity to support The Jodi Lee Foundation, respect the memory and honour the courage shown by all families who have, are and will battle the disease.
Pedalling over a few hills in some of the most scenic country on earth seems like a very small sacrifice to promote regular screening and early detection of a very preventable sickness.

I started cycling as a ‘juvenile’ on the Gold Coast in 1986 on the back of choosing to ride 10km each way to school. I took the sport relatively seriously through junior and into senior level before hanging up the cleats in the early 90s.
I moved to Singapore in 2008 and following firm encouragement from fellow JLF riders Allan and Justin, jumped on my first bike in nearly 20yrs.
The 3 Peaks Challenge 2015 is the first opportunity I’ve had to ride in support of all people and families affected by this terrible disease and one I’m very much looking forward to.


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