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Crazy or committed?
That’s one question I’ve been asking myself as I tap out the endless Km’s up many of Victorian’s hills training for another 3 Peaks challenge ‘It’s not a race – it’s much more than that. Most riders can take on a challenge, but few take on the epic ones. Pushing themselves to the limits of their cycling ability.’ - 235km | 4000m + climbing | 13hr deadline

My first attempt at this event was a great experience in many ways, completing the ride was a huge relief as was the journey to get there and being part of the Jodie Lee Foundation team. As part of joining the JLF team, we were asked to do a Bowel Cancer screening test. I received a positive test result, so a quick colonoscopy was scheduled and I had a 1-2 cm polyp removed. The surgeon told me that I was very lucky as it would have turned cancerous within a few years.

I’ve told this story many times to people with the hope that they will commit to taking the test. BUT….

Now my second attempt at 3 Peaks is getting closer and as my commitment on the bike grows, so too is my commitment to have at least 10 people take a bowel screening test.

My commitment is not necessarily confined to just you, imagine if you could convince a few of your closest friends to take the test, imagine if they too, received a positive test as I did and you had a significant part in preventing a terrible situation unfolding.
Fact: Nearly 17,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year. By 2020, this number is expected to increase to almost 20,000 bowel cancer cases detected annually.

One last thing, if you are of a certain vintage and have received your test kit from the government but haven’t yet found the time to take the test, PLEASE make a commitment to take it, don’t put it off any longer.

If for some crazy reason you don’t want to take the test, please consider a donation to help the Jodie Lee Foundation continue their incredible work to save the lives of our friends and loved ones!

If you choose to make a commitment, please send me an email once you have taken the test, or convinced a friend to take one.


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vLearning Solutions $100 Great effort Dan, and for a great cause. Well done! From everyone at vLearning
Continuous Learning $50 All the best Daniel! A great cause!
Robert Radcliffe-Smith $100 A great cause Dan!
Mission Brown Australia $50 Yes Dan you’re definitely crazy! Go well champ! We’re backing you all the way!!
Rod Styles $25 Good luck Dan - what a great cause! Wishing you, Sam and Ben a safe ride and that you all get it done in under 13 hours.
Victoria Oxley $50 Go Dan! It takes grit, dedication and commitment (not to mention a lot of training time) to be involved in such a challenging event - you'll do well!!
Anonymous $10 Go DAN!!! Such a brilliant cause and tremendous commitment from you. All the best with the challenge.
Anonymous $100
1974 $50 Well done Dan , awesome personal challenge.
Lysander Consulting Group $100
Anonymous $50