About the Event

Maddie's story

Maddie is 11 years old and in year 5 at Samaritan College in Whyalla. She has been growing her hair for a couple of years so that she can donate it to make wigs for people with cancer. This idea came about due to Maddie's Nanna (Debbie Tully) being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2010, and Maddie grew up watching the effects that cancer has on a loved ones life.

Maddie had a very close relationship with her Nanna growing up, as do all the grandchildren. Unfortunately her Nanna passed away on the 25th of June 2019 at the age of 59 years old. Maddie promised her Nanna that she was going to donate her hair and now she's ready to fulfil that promise. Before cutting 30cm from her hair, Maddie wants to try raising $1,000 for bowel cancer prevention, something her Nanna thought was really important, especially for people in regional areas. Maddie will cut her hair in the Westlands mall between Masters in the Art of Hair and Wendy's Supa Sundaes on Saturday the 14th of December around lunch time, but will be in the mall to take donations all morning that day. As a family we are all really proud of her for honouring her Nanna and doing this in memory of someone who fought hard to be with her family. 


Raised of $1,000 Goal


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Bev And Ghislaine $25 Donations handed to Kirsty and Dean
Westlands Fundraiser $401 Thankyou to all who donated in the mall on the day of Maddie's hair cut :)
J and D's Corner Customers $130 A big thanks to all the customers at J and D's Corner in Westlands!!!
Leila and Steven Jacobs $122 Well done Maddie - your Nan would be proud of you. Your Nan was an amazing lady and this donation is given in loving memory of her and out of admiration and respect for the love she gave to all she met. In this beautiful promise you made to your Nan, I can see that her selfless ways will continue to live on through you.
Mr. $25 Well done your Nan would be very proud of you.
Katrina de Koning $20 Well done beautiful girl. Your story brought a tear to my eye. Your nanna would be so very proud of what you are doing in her honour. Bless you. Xxxx
Lauren Kuchel $6
Sandra Vigar $100 Very proud of you Maddie Love from the Vigar family xx
Morag Graham $25 A wonderful tribute to your Nan Maddie. You and all her family were so important to Debbie and she would indeed be so proud of you.
Joanne Marsland $25 Well done Maddie!! Your Nan would be so proud!
Maxie Payne $25 Well done Mads you are one amazing young lady
Jo Woodall $40 Super proud of you beautiful girl. You have a beautiful heart. Wish we could be there to watch. Love the Woodalls. X
Brad Charlesworth $50
Carly Finn $15 What a beautiful thing to do Maddie x
Lyn Tatarelli $50 Added by Kirsty for aunty Net
Fiona Roberts $10 What an amazing thing to do! X
Wendys Customers $85 Raised so far by Wendy's Whyalla Customers... Thanks everyone :)
Rob and Lee $10 Added by Kirsty for Rob and Lee
Fiona Ga $10 Added by Kirsty for Fiona
Lisa Co $5 Added by Kirsty for Lisa
Sharon Purcell $20
Cheryl Glen $40 Nana would be so proud of you Maddie. Xxx
Titans Basketball Club $100 Such an inspiration Maddie from the Titans Basketball Club ????????????
Simone Boston $25 ♡♡♡
Bianca Clarke $50 You are amazing Maddie, your Nanna would be so proud of you as all of us are x
Ravens Netball Club $100 Well done Maddie what a special thing to do for your Nan. Your netball club is proud of you xx
Michael Glen $25 Great stuff Mads - Aunt Deb would be soooo proud and so are we :) xoxo
Belinda McDonnell $25 You are amazing Madz... such a sweet young lady with a heart of gold ???? love from us Mcdonnell's xx
Neve McEwan $10 I am so proud of you my beautiful friend, from Neve ❤️
Linda Hulsman $20 Awesome work Maddie! ????????
Bec Marks $50 Well done Maddie, super brave young lady ????
Natasha Mandica $30 Well done beautiful girl. So proud of you. Nan would be super proud of you right now
Stacey Brereton $40 Well done Maddie; you’re such a caring and giving young lady and I know your family, including your Nan are proud of you ????
Bianca Daw $20
Tia Head $20 Well done Maddie, proud of you ????
Melinda Peat $20 Fantastic Maddie! Such an important cause. Good on you!
April Hocking $10 Such a beautiful, selfless thing to do. Well done.
Tonielle McEwan $25 We are so proud of you Madz, such a beautiful thing you are doing ❤️ From the McEwan family ????
Jessica Spirat $20
Anonymous $5
Stormfront Productions $100 You're amazing Maddie!
Emily Macdonald $25 Well done Maddie! You should be very proud ♥️
Michelle Head $25
Anonymous $10
Trish Thwaites $25 Your nan was such a beautiful lady and she would be super proud of your efforts Maddie ...hope you smash your goal out of the park !!! Xx
Jodi Stringer $20 What an amazing thing for you to do in honor of your Nan Maddie. Well Done xx
Anonymous $25
Lisa Watts $10 This is a beautiful thing you are doing Maddie. Nan would be so very proud of you. Your beautiful hair is going to put the biggest smile on someones lucky face.
Amelia Head $2 It’s only a very small donation, but I hope it helps you reach your goal! You’re such a kind caring young girl and should be so proud of yourself!
Anonymous $20 What an Amazing thing to do Maddie. From the Lowe Family x
Rory Macdonald $50
Sandra Volvricht $25
Marcus and Kayla Sims $20 Well done Maddie, very thoughtful idea xo
Jess Moran $15 Best of luck with the fund raising. Fantastic cause. Go you!
Geri Thwaites $50 Maddie your Nan will be so proud of you, good luck Sweetheart.