Kay-A-Day 2017
Pulteney Grammar School


Raised so far

This is the second year Pulteney Grammar School is participating in Kay-A-Day. The Jodi Lee Foundation is dear to our hearts as on the 21 February 2014 Tracey Lee Diamond, mother of
Harlow in Year 1, sadly lost her four-year battle with bowel cancer, aged 41. Students from Reception to Year 10 will be participating in Kay-A-Day from the beginning of Term 4.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Doran Constructions $50 Keep up the great work Connie xx
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $30 Hey Connie I wish you well in this fund raiser love GG xxx
Anonymous $50 Hey Giget you can do this so have fun with it. love Nanna
Samantha Hay $50
SATC $20 Go Rachael!
SATC $20 Go Oliver! Run like the wind! Well done on the recent race.
Regina Mathews $50 Keep up the great initiative CMac! Love Aunty Reg xx
Tina Celeste $10
Melissa Bink $5 Good luck!
Ying Ying $20 Go Leo!
Lea McClurg $20 Go William
Lea McClurg $20 Go Patrick
Carina Grobelski $20
Carina Grobelski $20
Anna Pavia $40
Trinity McNamara $100 Go Connie!
Tanya McNamara $100 Go Connie!
Joanne Hill $30 Good luck Livvy!!! I know you can do it!
Pulteney Grammar School $30 Have fun getting fit and helping others Darcy!
Andrew Burton $25 Keep going, you can do it!
Eric Beere $25 Good luck Emi(ly)!!
Eric Beere $25 Good luck Oli(via)!
ilona rose $50 Go Zoe!! Get fit and help others!
Carissa Allen $20 Way to go, Annica & Owen! We love you! ~The Allen’s
Sally Miller $20 Do what makes you feel good!! Support from back home! Love, Uncle Drew and Aunt Sally!
Ashley Thompson $20 Xoxo the thompson's
Carol Duey $50 Helping others. Memaw and Papaw
Shannon Mroz $20
Sidra Miller $20 Every step counts!! Xox mom and dad
Sidra Miller $20 Every step counts!!! Xox mom and dad


Name Total
CMAC $380
Ashton Tan $100
Flynny $50
Zoe $50
Nick2007 $40