Raised of $500 Goal

This Mother’s Day I’m hosting a brunch in memory of my Aunty, Billie, who passed away of bowel cancer in 2017. I want to raise awareness about preventing bowel cancer since she ignored the national bowel cancer screening program sent to her when she turned 50.


From Amount Message
Tara Slater $50
Sue Smith $50
Carolyn Marnell $30
Joy Pickard $25
Melissa Smith $20
Helen Bogg $10
Radina Blanusa $50
Kylie Cox $50 Well done Emily ❤️❤️❤️
Gilly Kalogirou $40 Well done Emily, you’re as lovely as your mum.
Paula Nigem $50 Lovely morning thankyou
Megan Smith $30
Carolyn Webb $120
Lily Robbins $200 Thank you for a wonderful brunch my beautiful, kind & loving daughter. Keka would be proud ❤️
Melissa Cummins $50 What a beautiful thing to do. X
Dayna Nigem $50 Love you chick! Xx
Michelle Herbut $40 Well done Em, Keka would be proud x
Mackenzie Marnell $50 Love you xx
Karen Vlakhoudis $50 Well done Emily, thank you for organising
Mia Melinz $40
Mia von Klein $25 <3 <3 <3
Tom Jones $25
Anna Barkarson $50
Anonymous $30
Sam Cubbage $50
Reanna Roberts $35 Such a great cause!! Xxxx