Help Melissa Stomp Out Bowel Cancer

About the Event

Melissa is working hard to stomp out bowel cancer

Stadium Stomp Adelaide Oval 2023
Sunday 18 June 2023

Stadium Stomp is the world’s largest consecutive stair climb, where participants climb thousands of stairs within the grandstand of some of Australia’s biggest and most well-known sporting stadiums. I’ll be taking part in the Adelaide Oval Stadium Stomp this June, raising funds for Jodi Lee Foundation.

I am supporting the Jodi Lee Foundation to raise awareness about bowel cancer as my auntie, Billie lost her life to bowel cancer in 2017. During her battle she became an advocate for testing and was very passionate about people looking after their health (diet, exercise, and mental wellbeing).

While my auntie was battling bowel cancer in her last year, I decided to start studying to become a personal trainer and she was so proud of me. I wanted to help people become happier and healthier and this experience made me realise that I also needed to do more to make myself happier and healthier. This is where my running journey started… running never came easy to me and that’s what motivated me to try harder and finally start pushing my limits. I realised with Billie’s passing how short life can be and it would be a shame to give up on something that was hard and never see what I was truly capable of especially because Billie never gave up. She stayed positive and strong whilst battling the hardest challenge of her life and that is how I aspire to be no matter what challenges I face in my life.

Since 2018 I have completed four half marathons and over the last 14 months my goal that I have been working towards is to complete my first full marathon – I will be completing this goal in April 2023 and then the next challenge for me is to participate in the stadium stomp again but this time, rather than one lap (full course) I am aiming for at least two laps (unlimited stairs) to test my own limits, support the members of the Melissa Fitness team and fundraise to help the Jodi Lee Foundation.

Please help me by donating through my page if you are able.


Pictured below Melissa and Billie


Billie and Melissa