Happy Chappy Motorbike Ride

About the Event


My name is David Woodroofe. I am 62 years old, a teacher, and rider of a Harley Softail Deluxe 2009 model. I have been riding motorbikes since 1975 and my wife Joy has been accompanying me as a pillion for a large portion of that time.

Earlier this year my wife and I lost our son Kym (aged 37) to bowel cancer. He was diagnosed in May 2016 and died in January 2017. He was married (twice), had 6 children, and his loss has left a huge hole in our lives.

In 2001 we also lost our youngest son, Paul, from brain cancer… he was aged 20. Our eldest son Darren is 39 years old and is married with three children.

After Paul’s death, we had the notion to ride our motorbike around Australia to raise money for brain cancer… This ride did not eventuate. The death of our second son Kym has given us a real passion to achieve our goal and help in raising funds to research and eventually cure cancer.

The plan for our ride is in its very early stages. 

We are planning to leave Owen (90 km north of Adelaide) where we live on
14 April 2018. 

We plan to ride anti-clockwise around Australia and arrive back home on 20 July 2018.

These dates may fluctuate as the ride gets closer.

We are hoping people will join us either by donating, holding a small fundraising event, riding part of the way with us, and we would love to share our story with people on the journey.

Our aim is to raise $57,000 - the combined ages of our two sons.



Raised so far


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Craig Reynolds $400
Carol Webb $200
David Woodroofe $220 Donation on behalf of Port Vincent Uniting Church retiring offering
Ron Squire $25 Good Luck David & Joy. Stay Safe out there and hope you raise heaps.
Balaklava Primary School $360 Funds raised at Balaklava Primary School casual day.
Anonymous $500
Carly, Derek, Willow, Sage & Leo Friedrichs $100 Sending love and cheering you on your very special adventure x
Craig Reynolds $200
David Woodroofe $205 This is money raised by staff of Balaklava Primary School and Balaklava resident Dulcie Williams
Craig Reynolds $200
Catherine, Jeff & Maddie Karklins $100 A loss no-one should have to live with. Stay safe on your ride but enjoy the time together.
Craig Reynolds $200
Accru Harris Orchard $120
David Woodroofe $540 Money raised by Balaklava Community Arts....Leader of the Pack Musical
Anonymous $200
Marni Greenshields $50 Sending lots of love and support your way. Ride well!
Balaklava High SchoolCouncil Inc $204
David Woodroofe $50 This donation is from Gwen and Maurice Secombe from Windsor.
Craig Reynolds $200
Carolyn Scholz $50 Enjoy the scenery on your ride, hope you get the fundraising to your goal.
Craig Reynolds $200
Craig Reynolds $200
David Woodroofe $50 This is a donation from Gwen Secomb from Windsor...Thanks Gwen!
Helen and Andrew Barr $50 Good luck with your fundraising and enjoy your time away for the boys x x
Annette Winter $100 Wishing you all the best with your planning and ride xx
Owen Womens Christian Fellowship $500
Trudy Black $50 such an amazing couple such strength and courage xx
David Woodroofe $320 This donation is $300 from Sarah McDonald and $20 from AndrewJettner
David Woodroofe $150 Money donated by Dee Daniel, Joanne Warnes and Lyn Marshman
Margaret Manuel $100 You two are an inspiration to us all. May God bless you richly in this ride of hope.
Mark & Libby Greenshields $100 We were close to and knew the whole Woody family prior to the tragic loss of Paul and then Kym. We wish David & Joy all the best on this journey.
Benny & Lorraine Mills $50 Think of you guys often, all the best on your venture & safe travels xx
David Woodroofe $50 Dee Daniel...great support at Balaklava Primary School.
Cheryl Russell $50 I hope that all goes well!
Barry & Pamela Lutt $100 This cause is very close to our hearts also as we lost our son Anthony to melanoma. Our thoughts have been with you and we wish you the best of luck.
Ole Andresen $50 Good luck and safe travels when you begin your ride Dave.
Gaye & Gary Tezacker $100 Best wishes to both of you on your venture. I hope you enjoy the challenge.
Geoffrey Jay $100 Good to see you putting that monster bike to good use buddy.
Rebecca Houston $50 Wishing David and Joy all the best for their journey xx
David Woodroofe $100 Money received from G & A Marshmann

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