Raised of $2,500 Goal

Jodi was a dear friend, we met in our 20's while travelling overseas, then shared a house together in Adelaide on our return. Although Jodes loved a party as much as the rest of us at that time, if anything, she was the sensible one.... she was the one who cooked the healthy meals and who always included exercise into her routine. Our friendship continued through our 30's, her marriage and birth of her children, we always kept in touch and loved sharing our goals and dreams for the future.
Watching Jodi fight this horrible disease for nearly 2 years, and witnessing her preparing her family for the future was gut wrenching.... noone should have to go through that. When detected early, 90% of Bowel Cancer is treatable. Currently most of us do our first test when the government send us a kit when we turn 50, but Jodi was only 39, how could it ever have be detected early enough?
So I'm hiking for Jodes, and everyone else who has fought or who is fighting the battle with Bowel Cancer. Your donation will help the JLF encourage more people to screen regularly and improve the chances of early Bowel Cancer detection.
Most importantly, once you have made your donation, if you haven't done a Bowel Screening test recently, please, please, just go and do it NOW! Gracias!

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
NGM Group $200 A very worthy cause. Enjoy it Jando. xx
Bruce Rodgers $40
Emma Hobson $100 So proud for all you do to support this very important and close to my heart cause. Have a fabulous time, it covers such beautiful countryside and fabulous people along the way. Much love Emma xx
Todd and Anne Woodard $50 Good on you Jando! Well done and enjoy!
Carol Bellis $25 Inspirational!
Harris Real Estate $50
NOGO Sauces $100 Go Jando! xxxx
Tracey Smallacombe $100 Wonderful Jando!